Dua Lipa - Studio 2054

Date. November 2020

City. London

Role. Production manager
Summary. Commissioned by Ceremony London, Block9 led a creative team to design and deliver Dua Lipa’s Studio 2054 livestream at Printworks in London. In addition to scenography, we created the graphic identity for the project undertaking all graphic design. Block9 also cast an array of circus performers, club kids and roller-skaters to populate the show, providing costume, styling, hair and makeup.

Studio 2054 broke world records by clocking up over 5 million views on its opening night. Labelled as “the best livestream of the year”, and “exceptionally well-staged” by The Telegraph’s music editor, he went on to say the show was ,“so slick it would have impressed Scorsese”.

Variety said of the show, produced mid Covid 19 lockdown, that it, “felt like a happy dispatch from another galaxy, where dancing and dopamine both still occur, and joy is a thing of the present, not past or future nostalgia”

Studio 2054 breaks global live stream record! (NME)